City of Amsterdam


The host city for the 2010 World Congress on Information Technology is Amsterdam. Since the Golden Age of the 17th Century Amsterdam is home to some of the most innovative corporations, some of the most creative minds, and some of the best-educated people in the world. A tourist magnet, which attract over 4 milliion visitors each year, making it one of Europe’s top ten travel destinations. Amsterdam’s position as the gateway to Europe draws major multinational corporations.

The Netherlands

Although The Netherlands is a small country, with only 16 million inhabitants, the Dutch economy ranks 15 in the world. The Netherlands is the Gateway to Europe, with the Port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport as major transport hubs. We are well known for our outstanding infrastructure and logistic services.

The Dutch telecom facilities, with cable connections for 98% of all households, and broadband Internet connections are among the best in the world. Another major factor is the presence of important clusters of companies and research institutions in the fields of chemicals, high-tech and innovative materials, food and flowers, life sciences and health, water management and maritime (offshore) engineering, the creative industry and financial services.

The i2010 action plan is a crucial framework for the ICT strategic policy choices to be made by the Dutch government. The Ministry of Economic Affairs cooperates closely with the Dutch ICT industry, represented by ICT~Office, the European Commission and other member states to ensure that a powerful European ICT structure is realized.