Matchmaking: creating business through participation

WCIT 2010 helps partners, country delegations and delegates to find new business opportunities in a range of different ways. ‘Proactive matchmaking’ is one of these options. All parties will continue to have access to valuable business contacts (all delegates) before, during and after the event. They will also be able to search and post their business requirements and offer their expertise and solutions.

The WCIT 2010 mobile website online network will be the center point for your matchmaking before, during and after the event. You can access this network 24/7 and it will keep track of all the information from people you meet or would like to meet at WCIT 2010. During the event, your mobile phone and the accompanying website can be used to participate in matchmaking. Next to these technology-driven ways of finding a business match, WCIT 2010 also offers more traditional means to help you locate your contacts. They include on-event matchmakers and on-event matchmaking sessions located at the track and country pavilions.

10.000 euro check
All delegates who have activated their profile will be automatically enrolled in the WCIT 2010 Giving Challenge Change. Through this contest, WCIT 2010 will give away a check for €10,000 to a delegate, which the delegate can donate to an own chosen initiative that focuses on bringing change to society via ICT.

If you have any questions about the usages of tags or matchmaking, please check the FAQ.